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Godlyke Bass Links

www.godlyke.com – Our Company’s main home page where you can get info and/or purchase all the products that we distribute, including Godlyke Basses

www.guyatone.com – Main information page for the Guyatone line of effects and accessories – lots of cool Bass toys!

www.maxonfx.com – Main information page for the Maxon line of effects

www.bixonic.com – Main information page for the Bixonic Expandora distortion

http://www.deviser.co.jp/english/e_flame.htm - The Deviser homepage, the builders of our instruments

www.sevenwitches.net – One of the bands that Godlyke President and Bassist Kevin Bolembach plays with!

www.myspace.com/tangtastesgood - The other band Kevin plays with!

www.repairguitar.com – Raritan Bay Guitar Repair.  The official Repair shop for the Godlyke line of Bass Guitars

Guitar Repair

www.repairguitar.com/repair_school.htm - Eastern School of Fretted Instrument Repair.  Learn how to fix them yourself!

Guitar Repair School

www.nordstrandpickups.com – Our favorite American Bass pickup manufacturer!

www.bartolini.net – Everyone else’s favorite American Bass pickup manufacturer…..

www.dimarzio.com – Makers of the legendary Model-P drop-in replacement

www.hipshot.com – Innovative and affordable “made in the USA” replacement parts.  Inventors of the Hipshot D-tuner!

www.aguilaramp.com – Our favorite high-end Bass amps!

www.wdmusic.com – Great Guitar/Bass parts supplier

www.stewmac.com – Stewart MacDonald Guitar Shop supply.  Get everything you need to butcher your instrument!

www.drstrings.com – One of our favorite string manufacturers.

www.talkbass.com – The online Bass community.  Forums, classifieds, gear reviews, etc.  Essential!

www.harmony-central.com – Online music resource – a great place to read consumer reviews of Bass-related products.

www.bassinside.com – Online Bass magazine from Switzerland.

www.bassplayer.com – Bass Player magazine online – need we say more?

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